DJ Stanley

We thought it would be interesting to create this page to show Stanley's progression through training using a clicker.

ClickerTraining has now been thoroughly tested and proven throughout the animal training world in film and zoos, from crocodiles to birds and I'm so pleased to say, long overdue, it's beginning to take its place in the pet world of dog training. Many people at first find it hard to understand what the logic is to train their pet dog to do things such as wave a paw, twist on command or go to a certain target. So I hope to demonstrate to our friends and clients, that once a dog has learnt these fun things it is now addicted to learning with you, will have a great bond and confidence in you, so what may be a more scary challenge for the dog i.e. walking across a busy footbridge, over a busy road now, you have the tools and bond with your dog that this will be just another one of them things he/she does with you.

Stanley trying to work out what makes his mum click and treat, so he invented the move of walking back. This behaviour has been captured with the clicker and later on we will pair the move with a name and shape into something more interesting. Why not learn more about clicker training at our classes or if you have a new puppy I can come round for a 1 to 1 lesson.

We have a different move invented by Stanley here, again to be paired with a name later. I love watching dogs realise they're involved in this type of learning.

One of the techniques I'll be teaching customers at classes or 1 to 1's is how to withhold the click and reward and see if the dog comes up with anything new. This can lead onto whole new behaviours that you can mark or strengthen other behaviours.

Below video demonstrates a behaviour that the Que has just been started to be used in this case for comic effect we have a visual Que of fingers making a gun with a verbal Que of bang

Below: Stanley on his first trip to the beach. When we get time we hope to update Stanley's page to share with you his progress.