Animal Assisted Therapy

For many years now, we have been delivering Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and Animal Assisted Activities, but because of client confidentiality we are unable to promote by calling from the rooftops which is a shame because of the amazing successes we have had. 

Among some of the clients we have worked with, there has been group sessions with North East Essex Mental Health Trust, the charity Rethink, Interact and many others. As well as group sessions we also work with individuals with unique challenges.

This is our lad Orca,
Brian (Not his real name) had a accident some years ago now and unfortunately he has acquired a head injury making his enjoyment of life not what it used to be. Often Brian's helpers find him challenging. For five or six years now we have been visiting, at first with Katie and Now Orca and on these occasions Brian participates in activities such as tracking, agility, sendaways, frisbee, and sometimes just cuddling and grooming. I wish we could show you videos of the bond between Brian and Orca, but for confidentiality reasons we are unable to. 

This is Stanley,
Stanley's only seven months old but we like to think in the few months he's been on this planet he has brought much happiness and love into the lives of many. One such person is Peggy (Not her real name). Peggy is not so young now and sometimes her memory plays tricks so she has to live in a place with lots of help, unfortunately Peggy had an accident and for a while her arm was in plaster, this made Peggy very unhappy and even after her arm was better she wouldn't use it and wasn't as sociable as before the accident. As Peggy in her younger days had animals including dogs, it was thought worth trying some Animal Assisted Therapy. As the new kid on the block, Stanley made his entrance into his working life and boy did he not disappoint, as Stanley walks into the home, everyone he meets wants to have a big fuss and if someone does forget he lets them know and they come back to fuss him. 

As soon as Stanley went into Peggy's room, the smile that came across her face was amazing. As well as showing Peggy what he has been learning such as ball in a bucket, playing dead, roll over, etc. Peggy grooms Stanley using the hand that she had forgotten to use and also enjoys holding the lead if we go for short walks. Stanley and Peggy continue to work together with Peggy achieving goals that up until the arrival of Stanley, she had been unable to do. 

Services we can offer for AAT

  • Group Sessions
  • One on One 
  • Visit someone at their home if house bound
If you think a visit from one of our dogs, or if you work in an organisation where a group visit will be beneficial, please contact us so we can tailor a programme to match your needs.