I have been a Professional Dog Trainer for the last 20 years, Member of the IMDT and APDT . Dog Training classes are held at Latchingdon Village hall Every Thursday evening. 6 week puppy training courses are available from 7-8 pm and senior classes are held from 8-9 pm.  Go to our classes page to learn more!

From a very young age, my Grandad competed in obedience and working trials. He would among other things, give me a small amount of pocket money for laying tracks and helping him train his dogs for the civilian sport that basically is what police and army dogs do. A few years later I got my own dogs and competed in working trials and agility and when one of my dogs (Dexter) achieved winning a ticket in TDX and competing in the Kennel Club's championships. With Dexter the initial training was not going well and I had to stop, take a step back and re-think his training. This was the point that changed my life for dog training, it was almost unheard of in my sport and most others at the time to use clicker training. There were many trainers at the time who would, among others things, use E-Collars, pinch collars etc for problem solving, but I'd just been doing some reading on the, then new method called 'Clicker Training'. So now, I will often encourage and try to teach people the correct way of clicker training and if for some reason it is not for them, training force free, and with positive reinforcements.    

Blackwater Dog Training is a family run business, I get help from my Partner and Children. My partner's dogs have included Labradors and King Charles Cavaliers, but her latest is currently 16 week old DJ Stanley (Named DJ because of his visits to The Ross Revenge, home of Radio Caroline). Stanley will have his own page so you can follow his latest antics and videos on YouTube.

My working dogs have taken me down many unexpected avenues including: Film work, securing (Kindly) aggressive dogs for utility companies under a court warrant and Animal Assisted Therapy for the NHS and Private Sector. Visit AAT Page.

Nick Boyce